PNLab Wishes You A Happy 2022!

Happy New Year 2022 to fellow PNLab members, volunteers, and our community at large! Cheers to many more accomplishments and successes to come!

While McGill University is currently transitioning back to in-person classes and activities, we would like to take this opportunity to support educators and parents of children who are currently experiencing remote learning or who may need to transition back to remote learning in the future. SCERT, the Summit Centre for Education, Research, and Training, sent out a survey to parents and teaching staff at Summit School to better understand their views of the remote learning experience in 2020. Check out the results of the staff survey and parent survey!

Furthermore, SCERT created recommendations for parents to help them support their children during online learning. Recommendations include how to set up a proper learning environment, how to be proactive in communicating with your child’s teacher, and how to incorporate breaks into your child’s online learning sessions. For more, head to

We hope these resources can be of assistance to parents and educators.

A new year for the PNLab means new research, new opportunities, and a continued passion for learning and growth. Stay tuned!