Projects in progress

Multisensory development in autism (led by Dr Kirsty Ainsworth)

Lateral neural connectivity in autism (led by Sabrina Censi)

Attention training and  mathematical abilities across Neurodevelopmental Conditions (NDCs) (led by Emma Clark)

Physical activity and cognition / socialization in autism (led by Kian Habib)

Executive functions and sensory behaviours in autism (led by Stephanie Lung)

Language (bilingualism) and attention in autism (led by Julie Oh)

The development of computer-based cognitive remediation protocols (led by Domenico Tullo)

Attention training and reading across Neurodevelopmental Conditions (NDCs) (led by Catherine Archambault)

Perceptual and cognitive phenotypes across Neurodevelopmental Conditions (NDCs) (led by Margarita Miseros)

Sleep and cognition in autism (led by Lisa-Marie Giorgio)

Gender and visual cognition in autism (led my Evelyne Marcil)

Working memory and reading difficulties (led by Badriah Basma)


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