Contact Information

Research Coordinator
Summit Center for Education, Research, and Training (SCERT)

Research Interests

Currently, I am interested in research projects that can be implemented in schools for children with neurodevelopmental conditions.  Mainly, I am interested in projects that will strengthen educational services and ultimately improve the students’ learning experience.

Keywords: School-based research, Attention measures, Neurodevelopmental disorders


Journal Articles

  • Fernández, . C. L., Guzmán, A., van, . V. S., & Luheshi, G. N. (July 01, 2017). Prenatal infection leads to ASD-like behavior and altered synaptic pruning in the mouse offspring. Brain Behavior and Immunity, 63, 88-98.

Conference poster presentations

  • Guzmán, A., Fernández de Cossío, L., & Luheshi, G. N. (September 15-16, 2016) Microglial Pruning Signals: Likely Mediators of Autism-Like Behaviors in Prenatally Infected Mice. Integrated Program in Neuroscience Retreat, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec.
  • Guzmán, A., Tullo, D.,Faubert, J., & Bertone, A. (March 31st-April 1st, 2016) Predicting Problems in Attention and Learning from the Perspective of Teachers, Parents, and Students. 15th Annual Education Graduate Students’ Society Conference, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec.