A marathon champion in the PNLab!

The PNLAb would like to congratulate our PhD student Emma Clark who successfully completed a marathon last month! Emma was able to raise $750 in support of Giant Steps, a school and therapy centre for children with autism. We are very proud!

“I wanted to make something out of an uncertain time and despite the many challenges life was throwing my way during closure, channel my energy into a positive project that I would always remember.”

Our lab continues to celebrate successes including Kirsty and Alexia having their paper accepted in Cortex, Alexia receiving 2nd prize in UdeM’s 3-minute thesis competition, and Kirsty receiving a recognition award for her outstanding trainee engagement and leadership at TACC. Congratulations! 

This October is unlike those in the years before, as we continue to learn to live with changes and uncertainty. It is important to give ourselves a pat on our shoulders and acknowledge that we are all trying to cope as best as we can. We all need reminders to balance our professional goals with our personal wellbeing, especially in times like these.

These are glimpses of what we have been doing to take care of ourselves: 

– Have a little indoor garden with a plant-growth lamp to brighten up living space 

– Transform the guest room creatively into a yoga room 

– Go out for a walk and take advantage of the (still-not-too-cold) weather

– Read for leisure with a warm cup of tea in your cozy socks

– Take time to reflect and appreciate how far you have come

Hats off to everyone in trying to stay motivated, being connected with others and keeping ourselves/others safe!