A great start to the new academic year

We hope that everyone enjoyed their summer vacation and managed to enjoy nature (to avoid Zoom fatigue…). 

The 2020-21 school year is back at full force and the PNLab is excited to announce some great news! 

Daphné received an FRQS postdoctoral training award, while Domenico and Samantha have received Transforming Autism Care Consortium (TACC) – Quebec Autism Research Training (QART) Fellowships for the upcoming school year! And Dr. Kirsty Ainsworth has received a fellowship extension from TACC-QART as well! Samantha also received the EGSS Merit-Based Award. Congrats everyone on all your hard work. 

Also a big congratulations to Lisa-Marie who submitted her M.A. thesis and is beginning her doctoral studies in the School and Applied Child Psychology program this year! 

On Friday September 4th the PNLab had its first physical distance lab meeting of the school year! Although we might have to keep our distance, it is still essential to remain connected during these times.  

We hope that everyone is staying safe and we wish you all the best for this academic year!