Welcome Lisa and welcome back Margarita!

Better late than never for all the warm welcome back!

A new member has joined the PNLab team this year. We would like to extend our warm welcome to Lisa-Marie Giorgio, who is starting a M.A. degree in School/Applied Child Psychology. She has completed her Hons B.A. in Psychology at McGill University, and is interested in studying the effect of sleep on cognition in individuals with autism.  Lisa-Marie will also be working with Dr Reut Gruber, director of the Attention, Behaviour, and Sleep laboratory and Associate Professor in Psychiatry at McGill University.

Another big congratulation to Margarita who returns to our lab after completing her M.Ed. degree in Educational Psychology as she begins her Ph.D. degree in School/Applied Child Psychology as well!


It is nice to see new and familiar faces this year and we are looking forward to a productive and happy academic year ahead!

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