PNLab Members Attend Spring Conferences

Human Development conference – April 2018

The department of Educational and Counselling Psychology held the 3rd annual Human Development (HD) conference in April 2018 and the PNLab members made quite a contribution. Badriah, Domenico, and Julie excelled in their poster presentations and both Margarita and Kian gave a 20/20 (20 seconds per slide/20 slides) oral presentation. All presentations were evaluated by professors from the HD program and prizes for the best rated work were given at the end of the day. We are glad to announce the Margarita won the award for best oral presentation 🙂 Congrats Margarita!


Vision Sciences Society Conference – May 2018

PNLab members Kirsty Ainsworth and Domenico Tullo recently attended the Vision Sciences Society (VSS) conference in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Domenico presented his findings on the effects of multiple object tracking on attention, while Kirsty presented her work on facial identity discrimination in individuals with autism spectrum disorder.  They came back noticeably sun-kissed!


INSAR Conference – May 2018

A couple of PNLab members travelled overseas to attend the International Society for Autism Research (INSAR) Conference in Rotterdam, Netherlands.  Kirsty and Alexia were able to interact with many researchers in their fields of interest.  They were also able to share some beautiful photos of the city with those of us who did not attend!  Luckily, next year the conference will be held in Montreal so you can most definitely expect to see us all there in 2019!


Journée de la Recherche du CIUSSS– May 2018

Badriah and Alexia attended the CIUSSS Journée de la Recherche Conference where they spent the day attending talks, exchanging with researchers, and observing poster presentations.  Badriah and Alexia both gave presentations on their work, and Badriah ended the day with an award for the quality of her presentation.  Congratulations Badriah! Well-deserved!