Congratulations to Emma and Kian on receiving awards!

emma-2Congratulations to Emma Clark on receiving the Ann Gross Fellowship in Education! This award recognizes outstanding graduate students pursuing research in the field of developmental psychology that will enrich the lives of adults with learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, and Asperger syndrome. Emma’s project will focus on the far-effects of attention training on math achievement of students with neurodevelopmental disorders. Through her work, she hopes to contribute to advances in the improvement of academic achievement of adults with neurodevelopmental disabilities, including Learning Disabilities, ADHD, and Autism Spectrum Disorder.


KianWe also want to congratulate Kian Habib on receiving an award for best presentation at the Education Graduate Student Society (EGSS) Graduate Student Speaker Series 2017. He presented findings from his study on how incorporating exercise routines in a school classroom environment leads to positive social and cognitive changes for students with neurodevelopmental conditions such as autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, and Down syndrome. Kian aims to raise awareness about the numerous benefits of physical activity for students which may eventually lead to curriculum changes at schools.