Conference Highlights

It has been a very busy conference season for the PNLab. Members have actively participated in a wide range of conferences across Canada and the United States! The season started on a high note in March when Dr. Bertone and Vanessa Bao attended the NeuroDevNet Winter Institute in Banff, Alberta. Dr. Bertone participated in a panel that discussed cognition and perception in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Armando @ NeuroDevNet Winter Institute 2016

He also found some time to enjoy the beautiful scenery!

The season continued into April with McGill’s Human Development conference. The PNLab was well represented with members showcasing their findings on intelligence, math achievement, and physical and cognitive training in ASD.

PNLab members (left to right): Dr. Bertone, Alexia, Domenico, Emma, Kian, and Evelyn.

Further, research assistant, Andrea, presented her findings on parent, teacher and student ratings of attention at McGill’s Education Graduate Student Society conference.

In the month of May, Jacalyn and Domenico attended the International Meeting for Autism Research in Baltimore, Maryland and then the Visions Sciences Society meeting in St. Petersburg, Florida. Jacalyn and Domenico presented findings from their respective studies of social and non-social perception and cognitive training in ASD.

The momentum continued into the month of June as the season moved forward. Alexia attended the annual Canadian Society for Brain, Behaviour, and Cognitive Science at the University of Ottawa and Emma attended the Canadian conference for education in Toronto, Ontario. For both of them, this opportunity represented a first time to present their research on a national scale. Alexia shared her findings on gender differences in intelligence and Emma her findings on the effects of cognitive training and transfer to mathematical skills in ASD.

We thank all members for their interesting contributions!